At B Complex Management we provide professional and proactive building management and maintenance services dedicated to preserving and enhancing your property’s value. All developments are unique in some way and have different needs. We work closely with committees and owners to deliver tailored services and expertise across residential, commercial, and mixed-use property types. Together, we strive to enhance community living.
What Sets Us Apart?

Being an established player in the market allows us to provide a complete service with added benefits. Not only do we manage your building operations, but we are also able to maintain your building both preventively and reactively providing efficiency and value. Together We Deliver Success
Decades of experience

We do not rely on guesswork to make good building management decisions; we count on decades of experience to make the right decisions for your Complex.
Professional team who cares

People are at the centre of our operation.

As a full-service property provider, we recognise on-site building management as personal. As the eyes and ears of your building and home, we maintain a respectful person-centric approach where we match the right manager and team to your property.

The view that relationships matter, extends through our operation — all contractors, from cleaners to plumbers, are part of your building’s care team and we hold them accountable and to a high standard.
Value for Money

Proactive measures to drive effectiveness

Through increasing sustainability, reducing wastage, and using technology and data, our goal is to deliver a more efficient building bottom-line to the committee. Our multipronged approach allows us to identify problems before they happen and solve them quickly when they do.
Personalised Service

Premium, personalised, and hands-on

B Complex is a truly premium service with none of the ‘big business compromise’. Our customers get the best of both worlds: leading expertise, training, and technology that comes with scale, paired with a structure that allows B Complex and its managers to operate as a close-knit team. Our building managers know their customers personally and the properties they are responsible for.

We pride ourselves on striking the perfect balance between using efficient processes, with personalised and professional services where we get in and do the job well.
Network of Resources

Infrastructure, technology, and products - we have the industry skills and partners to support our capability, including engineers, strata managers, by-laws, health & safety compliance.

We are aware that all stakeholders involved in buildings these days want to be able to apply the latest technology to minimise their impact on the environment whilst also unlocking possible savings on utility expenditure. We have experience identifying areas of the building that could best benefit from employing several green initiatives that are available currently to best serve your asset.

Building management software - features include an asset register, contractor register, case management, preventative maintenance schedule and reporting.
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