B Complex provides a full and comprehensive range of defect inspections and reports to our clients.

We offer a full suite of building defect inspection and reporting services to the Owners, Developer and Builder. We specialise in strata work and work closely with strata managers and the council of the strata company in carrying out defect inspections and preparing reports.

Our Team has worked in the shoes of the developer, project manager, builder and the owner and has the skill-set and aptitude to differentiate between a maintenance item and a defect.

Working on behalf of the strata company and in their best interests, B Complex is able to manage the defect liability process and ensure a balanced and professional outcome is achieved for all parties.
When we are commissioned to carry out a defect inspection of Common Property our expert team liaise with owners to minimise inconvenience when carrying out the inspections. We then prepare and issue a comprehensive report which documents each defect with a photograph, identifies the Australian Standard or National Construction Code that is in breach and finally a brief scope of recommended work to rectify the defect.

Our reports are designed to be easily interpreted by the council of the strata company and owners, however, if there are any complex issues our team are then available to explain and clarify the report.

Noting that Section 80 of the Act now subrogates the rights of the developer to the strata company, we are there to help manage this process for the owners and minimise any potential litigious outcomes.
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